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While traveling the world and selling fine Canadian wine, Nicolas Malboeuf was fascinated by the passion and diversity in the expanding world of craft beer. After sales events, he and other sales representatives, winemakers, and promoters would get together over pints of cold, delicious beer. Winemakers used to tell him, “it takes a lot of good beer to make great wine.” Nicolas decided he wanted to be the guy who was brewing that good beer – a refreshingly smooth, lighter-style beer.


Tuque de Broue is based in Eastern Ontario, in the small town of Embrun. Our flagship beer is called Tuque Dorée, referring to the beer’s golden colour. This Canadian Pale Ale is brewed with superior malts, using American hops and select yeasts. The inspiration for this beer comes from those long summer days spent working outdoors, prepping firewood, and tending to the garden. It’s brewed to be your beverage of choice at the end of the day, enjoyed in the company of good friends and family. Designed to be light and refreshing, Tuque Dorée is a beer drinkers’ beer. And, you can count on the second pour being just as refreshing as the first!


At Tuque de Boue, we believe the head, or broue, of a beer is an often-overlooked yet essential element of your complete beer-drinking experience. Like wearing a tuque on your head helps conserve your body heat, the broue on a beer holds its flavour and effervescence, allowing you to properly experience the expertly crafted aromas and unique taste of our beer.


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In 2013, the concept for this unique brand gets brewing. Used to hearing his winemaker friends tell him “It takes a lot of good beer to make great wine,” Nicolas decides he wants to be the guy who would brew that good beer!



In 2014, Nicolas starts pouring over the details. The craft beer industry is growing rapidly in Eastern Ontario, but the craft beer movement seems to be trying to “out-flavour” the next. Why are there no light, easy drinking beer-drinkers’ beers? Clearly there’s a void to be filled! So Nicolas decides to establish a brewery in Eastern Ontario that celebrates the outdoors, good friends and family.



In 2015, with a little help from his friends…

The dream is coming true! Nicolas involves a few key people to begin crafting the Tuque Dorée at a friend’s brewery in Ottawa. Tuque de Broue is officially launched in May, a family-owned and locally made craft brewery. Our flagship beer is born, introducing the Tuque Dorée: a premium, light Canadian Pale Ale.



We have a brewery! Tuque de Broue Brewery finally opens its doors in Embrun in June 2016! Our family of beer has grown from one flagship to four different styles available all year. Production is fully running, beer is flowing and the demand keeps increasing! By the end of 2016, Team Tuque has grown to 8 employees and Tuque beers are available in over 50 licensed establishments, and in LCBO and grocery stores across the region.



A year already! How time flies when you’re having fun! In 12 months, we added a new beer available all year and released five seasonal brews! Our little brewery kept growing and our beers became more widely available, counting not only over 15 LCBO locations but also 7 Beer Stores, more grocery stores and over 70 licensed establishments. We hope that you continue this tasty adventure with us!


Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc. - 189 Bay Street - Embrun, ON - K0A 1W1 - info@tuquedebroue.ca

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